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Real Estate Photography Services

If you’re thinking of selling or renting real estate, consider that property advertised with professional photographs sells faster and for more money. Contact Federal Hill Photography, LLC today for your real estate photography needs. Real estate photography isn’t just about shooting a room. It’s about being able to compose an image that enables your prospect’s ability […]

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The Blizzard of 2016; One for the Record Books

Snowmageddon lived up to the hype and dropped record breaking snow fall on Baltimore this weekend. Camera in hand, I headed out to photograph the blizzard. I wandered through the Inner Harbor, Federal Hill, Locust Point up to Ft McHenry, and as many points in between as I could. Needless to say waist high drifts made […]

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Inaugural Baltimore Madonnari Arts Festival

[Photos follow the article] This past Sunday, my wife and I decided to check out the Inaugural Baltimore Madonnari Arts Festival in Baltimore‘s Little Italy. The street art that adorned a few blocks of South High Street was breathtaking. Participating artists, ranging from locals to some as far away as Italy, were given a 6′ […]

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15% Off Business Portrait Sale

How old is your business portrait? Chances are others are noticing too. An up to date professional head shot is the best first impression you can make. And with summer comes time to be out and active, so now is great opportunity to bring a fresh, healthy new look to your business portrait. Schedule an individual business portrait session with […]

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Food Photography: How to Avoid a Rotten Experience

Food Photography: How to Avoid a Rotten Experience Imagine how difficult a sale would be if you could only describe how good your food is. People eat with their eyes, so high quality food photos are critical to bringing customers and wholesale buyers through your door. Contact Federal Hill Photography, LLC today for your on-location […]

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A Business Portrait: Your Best First Impression

A Business Portrait: Your Best First Impression Whenever you promote your work, your business, or your career, the photo of you that accompanies the message is a critical part of your first impression to others. And in addition to traditional media, the explosion of new promotional channels such as social media and web sites greatly increases […]