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What’s new at Federal Hill Photography, LLC

What’s new at Federal Hill Photography, LLC I got to start 2017 with surgery, hooray! In early January I had an operation on my right foot. While the procedure went well, feet are notoriously slow to heal, so it was bed rest for me until the end of February. Thankfully I’ve gotten back on my […]

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Federal Hill Photography, LLC Turns Four

Federal Hill Photography, LLC celebrated its fourth birthday in July. This past year has been particularly special, as it’s the first year I’ve been devoted full time to my┬ácommercial and fine art photography business. With focus came growth, but also growing pains and lots of lessons learned. Still, I couldn’t be happier with my decision […]

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Real Estate Photography Services

If you’re thinking of selling or renting real estate, consider that property advertised with professional photographs sells faster and for more money. Contact Federal Hill Photography, LLC today for your real estate photography needs. Real estate photography isn’t just about shooting a room. It’s about being able to compose an image that enables your prospect’s ability […]