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Federal Hill Photography, LLC’s response to and useful information on COVID-19

'How can I save the world' written in child-like style with chalk on sidewalk in Baltimore, Maryland.

I’m the lone artist in a family of STEM professionals, but this is not without its benefits. From an early age, I was taught the importance of distilling useful information from noise. Useful information can suggest a course of action, reduce anxiety, and provide hope. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, I hope to provide you with some useful information about my business’ response to COVID-19 and information on how to manage the situation. 

Federal Hill Photography, LLC’s response to COVID-19

  • Professional Photography Services – I’ve temporarily closed all in-person professional photography services such as headshots and event photography until further notice. I’ll be monitoring government agencies as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization to determine when it’s safe to reopen these services. 
  • Fine Art Photography Gallery – My online gallery will remain open and accepting orders. All orders are shipped directly to you from my print vendor, who is also enacting precautions in response to COVID-19 . Per a statement from my print vendor:
    • “…we are closely following the COVID-19 situation as it continues to develop.”
    • “For weeks we have been taking every precaution possible to prevent this virus from circulating, and have been successful in keeping our workforce safe and healthy.”
    • “…we will be keeping only essential staff on-site to keep minimum basic operations running, and will be practicing Social Distancing as recommended by the CDC.”
    • Please note that, since my print vendor is keeping only essential staff on-site, orders may take longer than normal to produce.

Useful Information on COVID-19

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