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Phase 1 of Brand Update is Complete

Construction crew working at Druid Hill Lake.

Phase 1 of Brand Update is Complete

I’m thrilled to announce that phase 1 of Federal Hill Photography LLC’s brand update is complete. I’ve consolidated content to the four online properties below. Most noteworthy changes are implemented on my website. I invite you to check them out and feedback is always welcome:

The goals of phase 1 are to:

  • Reduce my business’ actively maintained online properties down to a few high quality, frequently updated locations. As a result, maintenance is greatly reduced and marketing efforts are concentrated on high value properties.
  • Introduce a Request Free Quote website feature. This features enables me to collect certain information earlier in the process. As a result, I can deliver quotes faster.
  • Move my website to a more efficiently maintainable platform optimized for photography businesses. I chose Photoshelter. Only my blog remains on WordPress.
  • Move most portfolios and other examples of my work from Google Drive, Facebook , and LinkedIn to my Website. Visitors now have just one place, easily accessible and searchable, to see most examples of my work.
  • Ensure brand message is clear and concise. Consequently, visitors can more quickly understand my photographic services.
  • Remove old content, particularly blog entries, that don’t contribute to my brand message.
  • Redirect visitors who visit my inactive properties to actively maintained ones.
  • A new head shot, woo hoo!

I’m equally excited about Phase 2, which will focus on roll out of e-commerce features. Want to know when Phase 2 is complete? Please keep in touch to get the latest news on Federal Hill Photography, LLC.

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