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Phase 2 of Brand Update Complete, Holiday Photography, PPA membership

Christmas holiday bow, candy cane, food, garland, pine cone, and wrapping paper.

Phase 2 of Brand Update Complete, Holiday Photography, PPA membership

Phase 2 of Brand Update is complete

I’ve completed configuring, testing, and rolling out e-commerce features at Next, I’ll be continuing to populate the online store with my fine art photos.

Below is a brief rundown of significant new e-commerce features:

  • Lots of print order automation – For ordinary orders, I’ve set up integrated order fulfillment with select vendors. Product offerings and shipping options are automatically synced between my site and the vendor. This integration greatly reduces time consuming manual maintenance.
  • Licensing – Web savvy users are increasingly able to spot overused stock images. Licensing one of my images for your next marketing brochure or yearly report will add unique, high quality content. My online store now offers the ability to be quoted a license, pay for it, and download the licensed image automatically. The license calculator is powered by fotoQuote, a well respected industry wide reference for computing license fees.

Can’t find what you’re looking for in the online store? Custom print and license orders are always happily accepted, please contact me. And don’t forget, fine art photos make not just great consumer, but great corporate holiday gifts as well.

Holiday Photography

With the holiday season fast approaching, please consider Federal Hill Photography, LLC for documenting your holiday party. As my recommendations and references can attest, I am experienced in a variety of types of event photography. My goal is always capturing candid moments that tell engaging stories. Please contact me to discuss further.


Federal Hill Photography, LLC joins the PPA

I’m thrilled to announce I’ve become a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Despite the name, it’s an international organization of 30000 members across 50 countries. You can find me here in the member directory. The PPA provides access to resources on legal, technical, financial, and creative aspects of photography. And being a worldwide organization, I’ve got the added perspective from photographers across the globe. My goal is to ensure not just the health of my business, but the health of my profession.

As always, please keep in touch to get the latest news on Federal Hill Photography, LLC.

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