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About and Contact

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“…he focused on asking the right questions about how to tell the story of our event…”
“…his planning and preparation before the shot made all the difference…”
“…professional, friendly…”
“Carl is a very talented photographer…”


Carl Schmidt, Owner, Federal Hill Photography LLC, professional photographer
Carl Schmidt, Owner, Federal Hill Photography LLC

I’m a full time professional photographer based in Baltimore, Maryland. My goal is telling unforgettable stories with highly engaging images. These stories connect my clients with their community of leads, prospects, and existing clients. My images are unique, setting my clients high above the deluge of over processed, over filtered, and ultimately forgettable cell phone images that inundate us daily. I have deep experience defining, planning, and executing projects that deliver what’s needed on time and on budget.

My focus is headshot, event, product, and fine art photography. However I’m always open to considering new challenges. Also, I’m a proud member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). It is (despite the name) an organization of 30000+ members in 50+ countries and a deep resource ensuring I run a healthy, dependable photography business.


Carl Schmidt, Owner
Federal Hill Photography, LLC
Mailing Address: 822 Guilford Ave #119 Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: 410-960-9055
Email: carl@fedhillphoto.com

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