Commercial Photography

Headshot photography 

A professional headshot is how you make your best first impression. There are many types of headshot needs, such as:

  • corporate headshots
  • actor headshots
  • model headshots
  • linkedin headshots
  • realtor headshots

My goals with every professional headshot are to ensure a client is:

  • informed – Clients receive pre-shoot preparation tips and posing guidance during the shoot.
  • comfortable – The shoot is designed to be a relaxed and respectful environment.
  • confident – The combination of quality professional headshot examples and guidance and respect throughout the project ensure clients are confident of a quality headshot.

I travel to you. I’ve found clients find this benefit extremely convenient as it minimizes disruption to their day. I can produce indoor headshots or outdoor headshots at your office or home and can provide references for either scenario. In addition, I can:

  • Scale from one headshot to many
  • Offer group rates
  • Match a business’s existing headshots for a consistently branded look

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Event photography

While you could ask a couple attendees to walk around with cell phones and take a few photos, is that capturing the right story of your event? VIPs, preferred vendors, employees, and other attendees all contribute to the success of a brand. As a professional photographer, I will collaborate with you to identify the right shot list and general event coverage that tells the valuable story of your event. I have shot events from tens to hundreds of attendees, including:

  • awards ceremonies
  • holiday parties
  • fundraisers
  • professional networking
  • events with speakers, fashion shows, and auctions

I have worked directly with the companies hosting events and event planners organizing events. And if you’re in event production or are an event venue looking for a photographer, I’d love to work with you as well.

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Landscape architecture photography

I shoot commercial and residential landscape architecture because I love the beauty and function of a well designed outdoor space. Also, I’m fascinated by the challenges landscape architects must solve in their designs. A design may encourage family gatherings, use certain materials to produce the desired aesthetic effect, or solve environmental problems like increasing energy efficiency or storm water absorption. 

Photography isn’t just about sharp images. It’s about telling the right story that grabs leads’ attention. If your marketing material isn’t doing that, you’re losing clients. In addition, awards are highly valuable. Capturing the right compositions is critical to showing judges your work. Even if you’ve won an award in the past, asking whoever has a moment onsite to snap a photo means relinquishing any guarantee of usable images for future competitions. When you work with a professional photographer, you get _consistently_ high quality results.

In addition to my photographic skill set, I have deep experience managing projects that deliver on time and budget. I ensure predictable results by placing multiple quality checkpoints throughout my project process. This approach ensures the client and I are always on the same page.

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My goal is to produce substantive, factual, and engaging photographic content. I love the challenge of composing an image in order to tell the desired story. I’m comfortable working independently or collaboratively, making creative decisions on the spot, and delivering on a deadline.

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