I was long overdue for

I was long overdue for an updated headshot and Carl exceeded my expectations. He was patient and calm, while providing humor and fun to the process. He made sure that my confidence and warmth came through in the photo. He told me how to stand and smile, but not in a way that felt forced or too prescriptive. He made the whole process fun by sharing ways to make sure my smile and warmth came through in the shots.

With COVID, I felt compelled more than ever to update my headshot. Carl provided a COVID safe environment that made me feel comfortable, but he also was willing to travel. I debated that option originally because it’s tough to be on-time with a toddler! In the end I traveled to him which was just as simple and easy.

When I need to update my headshot in a few years (I won’t be waiting 7+ years to do it again!), I will be reaching back out to Carl. Highly recommend him as a professional but even more as a good person who wants you to look your best but also like you!


Rosanne Rauenzahn
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